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Trdelník – a pastry and a very popular delicacy in our country, which owes its origin to the Wallachs who migrated from Romania during the 14th-17th century, and brought with them a recipe for pastries. According to the recipe, the originally unleavened dough was wrapped on an oak or beech drum called trdlo and it was roasted on an open fire or charcoal. Over the years trdelnik has spread across the country, where it has become a popular and indispensable snack during festive occasions such as weddings or baptisms. Over time, the recipe has deviated from its original tradition. Yeast has been added when preparing the dough and to give trdelník its volume, fragility and the form in which we know it today – that is puff pastries.


Crêpes are very thin pancakes, usually made from wheat flour. The name of the dish comes from French and is derived from the Latin crispa, meaning “curled”. Crêpes come from Brittany, and they are widespread not only throughout France, but are very popular almost all over the world. They might be served with a variety of fillings, both sweet and salty. In our MLS bistros, we prepare them with sweet fillings; you can choose from many options.


Galettes are also pancakes with their origin in Brittany (probably in the province of Galet). This pancake is, unlike wheat Crêpes, prepared from buckwheat dough. We prepare them with salty fillings; the combinations are endless. Each of the pancakes is prepared on a flat circular plate, pouring a thin layer of home-made dough that is always prepared fresh from only the highest quality ingredients. You do not have to worry about any E-numbers, this is a real delicacy.


Quality coffee is very important to us, so we devote a lot of time to training our baristas and to consistently maintain our coffee machines and grinders. Coffee is prepared for you from carefully selected coffee beans. Why? Because we know that a good cup of coffee is an unforgettable taste experience. We buy coffee in Coffee Source, an Czech roastery, and we plan to establish our own roastery, in which we will carefully select every grain of coffee.


This round plate of light bread dough is one of the traditional Italian dishes. One can prepare pizza in many ways, we make sure to provide you with the most authentic ingredients that a good pizza should have for maximum enjoyment.


This Greek delicacy, based on a meat roasted on a turnspit, has become very popular in recent years. There is not a surprise, as everyone who has tried a gyros (also known as kebab) knows that it is a perfect combination of exotic meat flavors combined with fresh vegetables and dressing which fills you up right away. Our gyros is served with chicken. All above mentioned products are prepared from high quality, fresh ingredients; we also try to use seasonal ingredients as much as possible and we prefer domestic suppliers. We pay the highest attention to the selection of ingredients to satisfy your wishes because that is what we care about the most.